Shop Owner Abuse – Make a Stand

Via Ink’s Flickr:
I am so tired of seeing both myself and other Second Life Creators be abused by their customers. Below I’m going to post a reply I had to make today in my store’s group chat and explain the situation.

Today, a customer came into my group chat asking about the same thing everyone asks about. Where do they find the ears to my avatar? This is not only something that I put on the ADVERTISEMENT pictures, but also something that I put in a style guide notecard that comes with the product. All in all, should people read, they will have all the information that they need. Yet day after day I cannot escape at least ONE day without someone asking me this question. Today I lost my patience a little bit.

[13:30] Ink (jeauno.wind): 1.) Its on the advertisement, like right on the picture. 2.) There’s a style guide within the product listing everything you need to know. All you need to do is read.

To which promptly I have been told that said customer has read EVERY notecard that the product came with. The first section of the style guide notecard… addresses where someone can purchase the ears. I quote that paragraph to her, directly from the note card and proceed to say the following;

[13:32] Ink (jeauno.wind): its in the first part of the notecard.
[13:32] Ink (jeauno.wind): Like the first words, are "For Lynx Ears:"

Before that statement, I tried to say this, but due to group chat lag, this came late. [13:36] Ink (jeauno.wind): Well I’m sorry, but honestly, it sounds like you’re lying to me and I’m really really getting sick and tired of people telling me they’ve read things when they obviously haven’t. I don’t compile all of this information for people to turn around and ask about it. =/ I’ll double check the packaging, I apologize if I sound short tempered.

So I repost this to group (it goes through twice) to which she responds about not appreciating getting called a liar. In response, she gets this:

[13:39] Ink (jeauno.wind): Okay, with all due respect, I’m suffering from major chat lag here so my messages are not coming through in order. 1.) I’ve tried to help you find what apparently you haven’t had in your folder.2.) If you would like a copy of the notecard I would be more than happy to send it to you. 3.) I did not call you a liar, I implied it, obviously, at this point you are not to which I have tried to help you. But honestly, when something is not only listed on the advertisement but the creator goes through the effort to put everything anyone needs to put their avatar into a notecard and then keep it updated, it gets really annoying when 19 people a day ask you where the ears come from.

After that, I apologized once more, to which then they decided it was their right to tell me how to run my store and treat my customers. For the most part, I bit my tongue, and told them what they needed.

Ingkeu❤Soonkyu 4 minutes ago
Turns out, if they had merely waited for their box to rez and gotten the note card out of it, they would have had all the information they would have ever needed.

However, apparently an apology from a Creator is not enough.

[13:54] Ink (jeauno.wind): For the record, if you check any of the "Coming soon" objects in the store, they’re pre-loaded with notecards and landmarks so that I -never- forget them. =3

[14:00] Angry Customer: Thats good for you to have that system. Still doesn’t justify treating me like you did. Small one slip up or not.

[14:01] Ink (jeauno.wind): I am a human being. Just because I’m a creator does not mean that I am going to have outstanding customer service every day. With all do respect, take your apology and leave it as it is please. Just because I made a mistake does not give my customers the right to walk all over me either. Continue this conversation and I will use moderation against you. Have a nice day.

So in conclusion, this post is for all of those creators out there who deal with this shit on a daily basis. Seriously, stand up for yourself. Do it on plurk, flickr, wherever. The next time a customer aims to make you look bad, even if you’ve made a mistake, make a post, take a picture. (Keep identities private.) I’m tired of seeing customers bad lip a store because a shop owner made an honest mistake. For you shoppers out there, please remember that the people designing what you shop for are people too. If this strieks you as inspirational, promote shop owners on plurk, flickr, wherever! Just remember, there -is- someone on the other side of that keyboard laboring away whether they are designing their products or doing customer service to help people (most often with things that can be found by READING THE INSTRUCTIONS). Believe it or not, we sleep at night too. Our customer service isn’t always 24hours. I’m no McDonalds. =/

Got a story? Feel free to share in the comments!!

(end rant)


~ by Sei Minuet on 2012/10/21.

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