Bow Necklace coming soon

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Two Cats One Cup

c( TC ) Bow Necklace poster

Coming soon to We ❤ Roleplay! (Dec 4)

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Hookah Cushion Set — Two Cats One Cup

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Coming soon to We❤ Roleplay (starting Dec 4)

via Hookah Cushion Set — Two Cats One Cup

@ We <3 Roleplay November

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coming soon: splayed horns

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Two Cats One Cup

coming soon: splayed hornsd

Mesh, materials, advanced lighting suggested

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New Gacha: Batsy!

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New release: Sci-fi Pumps

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Two Cats One Cup

New release! Pump props for sci-fi builds.

c( TC ) Sci-fi Pumps

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New release: Short Neko Ears!

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c( TC ) Short Neko Ears Poster

◈ Unique, painstakingly crafted mesh ears
◈ Fuzzy!
◈ Texture/tint HUD with 9 presets, including 9 base textures, and easy to use tint HUD
◈ Even greater customization potential when edited manually:
◈ 5 separate tintable sections for fuzz
◈ Inner and outer ear can be tinted separately
◈ Non-rigged mesh (easy to adjust!)
◈ Mod/copy (scripts are no mod, and it might show up as no mod in inventory)
◈ Easily add piercings manually or whatever other accessories you wish
◈ These are unisex
◈ Although these are labeled as neko (cat) ears, they can also be used for many other animal types.
◈ Included backup (in a box)
◈ Can fit any size of avatar–from petite to mega by just normal use of the SL editing tools.

New Release: Lion Tail (Tufted Tail)

•2015/10/16 • 1 Comment

New tail released! I hope everyone enjoys it!

c( TC ) Lion Tail poster

Brief overview of features:

◈ Idle animation
◈ Animation speed control
◈ Delays/swish moods
◈ Recoloring HUD
◈ Non-rigged mesh (easy to adjust!)
◈ Mod/copy (scripts are no mod, and it might show up as no mod in inventory)

Apart from built-in recoloring, the tail is animated, and has several options for animation styles, frequency of animations, and animation speeds.

Grab it or the demo in-world
or on the marketplace

New release: Twisted Ridge Horns

•2015/10/10 • 1 Comment

c( TC ) Twisted Ridge Horns

On with the features:

◈ 10 textures
◈ Modifiable/tintable/resizeable
◈ 1 land impact
◈ Non-rigged mesh (can be edited)
◈ Materials applied*
◈ Custom textures available on contact

*Requires a viewer with materials enabled and the graphics hardware to enable advanced lighting.

Check it out on the marketplace

Click here to visit c( TC ) in-world

New release: Demon Reborn Tail

•2015/10/05 • 1 Comment

c( TC ) Demon Reborn Tail poster

A new tail! This is mod/copy (apart from HUD and scripts), has 30 textures, and various speed and idle delay settings.

Check it out here:

Also, check out my butt.

Here it is on the marketplace:

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